A Walk, Some Talk and Chocolate Eggs

Hello! And how are you all doing? Gliding along tranquilly, like this swan? Paddling frantically to stay afloat? Or something in between? For me, it’s something in between at the moment – rather busy, but there is still time to write a blog post. And we’ve also been for a relaxing walk on Sunday.

This time in the wetlands of Weerribben-Wieden National Park. On the whole, the area is more suitable for canoeing or cycling, but there are a few lovely walking routes.

Later in the year, there will be orchids, butterflies, waterlilies and dragonflies to admire. Now, it is mainly the landscape itself that draws the eye…

… although the lily leaves are starting to surface.

It’s also a great place for bird watching. My camera isn’t really suitable for bird pics, but I did get a nice one of a group of greylag geese with goslings. Can you see the fluffy little things?

While we’re strolling along, there is something I need to get off my chest. I hope last week’s post wasn’t painful for any of you. I realize that some of you may have longed for children or grandchildren, but didn’t get them and will never have them. Please know that I never take these things for granted. I’ll write about our grandson and the things I make for him from time to time, because he is part of my life now. But I promise not to bombard you with baby stuff, and to continue writing about walks and cycle tours, nature and gardens, all kinds of other things that may be of interest, and last but not least knitting.

Speaking of knitting, there isn’t a lot to show you right now. Just the start of my pink Morbihan. It colour-coordinates nicely with the book I’m reading.

Disappearing into a fantasy world for a while now and then helps me cope with the real one better. I love Juliet Marillier’s books because of the interesting characters and plots, the fascinating worlds the author creates, and the fact that these novels are nice and fat and often part of a series good for many hours of reading. (Veel van haar boeken zijn ook in het NL vertaald; zie hier.)

My week has been extra busy because I have been helping out at our daughter’s place after the maternity nurse left – a real privilege.

The new parents had an unwelcome visitor during this special time – Covid-19. They’ve been so careful to avoid infection, and then, on the morning of the delivery our SIL tested positive, and several days later our DD did, too. He probably caught it at work. Fortunately he was allowed to be present at the birth, fortunately they both had hardly any symptoms, and fortunately we have all had our jabs and boosters.

But in spite of all that, for some people the virus still isn’t cat’s piss, to use an elegant Dutch expression. So the professionals around them wore protective clothing from head to toe. And we need to keep a safe distance and wear face masks. To be on the safe side, I take a test before meeting other people. So far, I’ve tested negative – that’s positive.

Now, time for some chocolate eggs. What flavour would you like? I can recommend the dark chocolate ones with advocaat (my favourites with Dutch egg liqueur), but there is also toffee coffee, chai crisp, chocolate mousse, butterscotch, caramel…

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or not, I wish you a lovely weekend!

8 thoughts on “A Walk, Some Talk and Chocolate Eggs”

  1. Marijke – I love the Dutch term “it isn’t cat’s piss”!!! That’s a good one. Sorry that your SIL and DD got the virus, but glad that their symptoms are mild. And hopefully, it won’t affect the baby.

    Those green goslings are so cute! Looks like you all had a great walk.l

    Chocolate eggs – yum. I am a chocoholic.

    Happy Easter.

    • So far, the baby has only seen people wearing face masks – a good thing he can’t focus properly yet. Happy Easter to you, too!

  2. Hahaha! An elegant expression indeed! It’s definitely amusing.

    COVID…sigh. I’ve had it twice. I really was ill with it but not life-threateningly so. High fevers and all that but more than anything I was just annoyed by the time it stole from me. Neither time could I do any real knitting at all. I’m so glad your family’s experience with it wasn’t too terrible, and am truly happy it didn’t affect that precious baby. What a pleasant time for you to be able to spend time with him!

    Those eggs! You had me at dark chocolate…it is my absolute favorite, especially with good coffee alongside.

    Vrolijk Pasen!

    • I’m so sorry you’ve been so ill. Hope it doesn’t have any lasting effects. We’ve been very lucky so far. I hope the baby will be able to see our real faces (without face masks) soon, but for the time being we’re extra careful. Thank you for your Paasgroet (in Dutch!) and the same to you.

  3. I enjoy seeing your beautiful countryside, and, of course, snippets of your darling new Grandbaby, albeit his precious hands!
    I do hope that your family will be able to safely shed their masks very soon.

    • The new parents don’t have any symptoms anymore, and we didn’t catch it, so I think we’ll be mask-less soon! I’m glad you enjoyed my writings and pictures.

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