The Stork has Landed


Good news! The stork has landed and brought our daughter and her husband a sweet little baby boy.

First and foremost, I’m immensely grateful that, apart from a few start-up problems, mother and baby are doing well. I’m also flooded with tenderness for this tiny human being, very happy for his mum and dad, looking forward to getting to know my grandson, worried about his future, hopeful that he’ll have a good life and determined to be the best grandmother I can.

Where do the storks get the babies from, I wonder. Fish them up?

Thanks to a reintroduction program, these graceful birds have become a common sight around here. And sometimes even a nuisance. It isn’t because they deliver too many babies, certainly not in our family. It’s to do with the places they choose to build their nests.

Last week I was at the library when suddenly the lights went out, together with the computer terminals, the electric doors and, as it turned out, electricity in the entire town and surrounding villages. After rummaging around in the dark for a while the librarian found the key to the emergency exit (!?!) and we were able to get out (phew!). What had caused this power cut? Storks building a nest on a power pylon and setting it on fire!

Photo: Steenwijker Courant

We’ve already had the privilege of paying the new earthling a brief visit, bearing gifts for his first 10 days (they didn’t all fit into this basket).

The first one will have been unwrapped by now, so I think I can safely show it here – a nice and warm coat knit with much love for our grandson…

… with buttons with the best ever message for a baby coat: Welkom kleine ukkepuk (welcome little one). (Excellent pattern here.)

It will come in handy in a month that is like spring one day…

…and like winter the next.

I feel a bit bad about the stork story above, because it isn’t doing our daughter justice. Supported by the baby’s father, she has done all the hard work. But I think they know how proud I am of them and will be able to appreciate a bit of folklore.

Well, that was my news for this week. Thanks for reading and lots of love!

28 thoughts on “The Stork has Landed”

  1. Meine allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche – alles Gute für die kleine Familie und die Großeltern!

    I wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog – I savour every single article and always mean to comment, but mostly, life gets in the way.
    So sorry for that!

    You knitted such a sweet jacket for your grandson – absolutely perfect and adorable.

    • Vielen Dank! Both for your congratulations and your kind words about my blog. It’s very nice to hear from you now and then, no need to feel guilty about not commenting every time.

  2. What wonderful news. Congratulations to all of you! A new phase of life has begun.

    It is indeed sobering to think about the future for those who are newborn or very young today. My little nephew just turned two and my eldest boy sixteen. Let’s do what we can to ensure them a good life in a safe and healthy world.

    • You sound as if you’re experienced. I am really looking forward to discovering this new stage in my life.

  3. Congratulations, what wonderful news! Thank you for sharing it with us. The sweater is beautiful, so sweet, and the buttons are perfect.

  4. Congratulations!!! I think that the stork story fit into this story very well. I know nothing of storks. Very interesting, but extremely troubling about their nesting places! The 10 gifts – is that a tradition – opening one every day. I absolutely love the jacket that you made for him. I hope we get to see what are in the other 9 packages as I am sure that they are probably all knits from his grandmother.

    • Thank you, and yes those 10 gifts are a tradition. And I have to admit that I didn’t make all of them myself. I’ve given them most of the things I knit beforehand, so that they knew what they still had to buy.

  5. Congrats to you and your family! So glad Mum and baby are fine. What lovely gifts you have knit for this sweet wee one!

  6. I like that ten gifts tradition — what a grand way to welcome a well-loved little one. Congratulations to Oma and Opa (how DO you say Grandma and Grandpa in Dutch?) and, of course, to Mama and Papa too. Welcome, welcome, little one! (And,, those buttons on that jacket!! Beautiful!)

    • Yes you’ve got it right – oma and opa, that’s what we’re called now. It’s a very special feeling. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for sharing this special news with us. Congratulations to the whole family! The little jacket is amazing. I, too, love the tradition of welcoming the baby with ten gifts. I hope to remember it when my time comes.

    • Of course you’ll remember it! It’ll take a while for you to become a grandmother, I think, but time goes by fast. Thanks for your good wishes!

  8. ??♥️?Congratulations and many blessings upon the little bundle of joy! Gorgeous cute little cardigan and cute buttons? beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing! X

  9. Joy to your world! What a lovely post! Tying your wonderful news into some stork folklore and real happenings was most clever!
    This new chapter in your life will be unlike any other… with a grandchild, you have all the time in the world with no time constraints in spending time with him… laundry can wait, dinner can wait, cleaning can wait. It is pure joy!
    I wish you and your family all good things, especially good health and cheer. ?

    • Thank you for your warm wishes! Me losing all track of time? That really would be a metamorphosis, and certainly one I would welcome! Time will tell…

  10. Congratulations on your new arrival! Love the sweater/jacket and great buttons.

    Your news re: storks and electrical activities, while searching for an exit key is food for thought.

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