A Very Special Day


I’m faced with a dilemma. Last week I ended with the mention of a very special occasion coming up, and I promised to write about it. An occasion that has kept me occupied day and night for a while. You see, our daughter got married! But… how interesting is that for other people? And wasn’t this a blog about knitting? And how about the young couple’s privacy?

It would have been okay to blog about the wedding if I’d knit her fabulous lace wedding dress, perhaps, but I didn’t. In that case they would have had to plan their wedding years in advance, and they didn’t. The dress she wore was chiffon covered in pale pink roses.

There were roses in the bridal bouquet and the bridegroom’s buttonhole, too. And pink was a bit of a theme as well, with a pink ribbon around one of the gifts…

… the bridegroom wearing a pink tie, and pink shoes on the bride’s feet. Aww, look at those.

Sometimes it seems like only yesterday that she wore these.

Can you hear a mother’s melancholy sigh? Don’t get me wrong – I’m very happy that my daughter’s so happy. And I also feel enriched by the presence of the man of her choice in our lives. But still…

Recently I was re-reading Towers in the Mist by one of my favourite authors…

… and read this: ‘Every fresh beginning was a new birth and must have its pain as well as its joy, and without these fresh beginnings there could be no life, without them we should turn sour like stagnant water in a pond.’

Exactly. Fortunately, my overriding feeling about this very special day is joy. It was special in a romantic sense.

And special as well because of the current circumstances. A really big, old-fashioned wedding was out of the question. Apart from the bride and groom, there were only six people present. Everyone wore face masks and even the floor of the city hall where the ceremony was held, reminded us of the necessary 1.5 metres distance.

Yes, a very special day. But, hey, I wasn’t going to bore you with endless family pictures and talk of the wedding. Let’s go for a walk around Zutphen, the city where the wedding was held. No towers in the mist here, but towers under a lowering sky.

Church towers…

… and gate towers.

Zutphen is such a romantic and picturesque city, with beautiful old city walls…

… surrounded by orchards and gardens.

Photogenic spots everywhere…



The only negative thing I can think of about it at the moment, is that it lacks a yarn shop. There is a lovely quilt shop though.

It specializes in flowery fabrics. Some very special ones are their collection of Dutch Heritage Fabrics. I’m much more of a knitter than a quilter, although I’ve made a few quilts in the past, but I do enjoy making small things with beautiful fabrics.

I must come back when the shop is open and I have more time someday.

Well, it seems like my dilemma has somehow solved itself. Hope you have enjoyed my pictures, and I will really make an effort to get back to knitting over the coming weeks.

24 thoughts on “A Very Special Day”

  1. Juist heerlijk om te lezen en de prachtige details op oa de jurk en schoenen te zien!
    Gefeliciteerd Marijke!

  2. Gefeliciteerd Marijke van ons allemaal natuurlijk.
    Als we elkaar weer zien heb ik een verassing voor jou hoor.

    Anja, Laura, Randy, Vincent en ikke

  3. Looks like a very special day indeed! I loved the photos of Zutphen. It’s too bad there isn’t a knitting shop but I would cherish the opportunity to see a whole shop full of those pretty Dutch fabrics. They are among my favorites but just a bit dear for me to acquire. Nonetheless, congratulations are in order! Thank you for sharing your lovely day.

    • Oh, I haven’t even looked at the price of the fabrics, which doesn’t mean that I have an unlimited budget;). They’re nice to look at anyway. And thanks!

  4. All good wishes for your daughter and her husband. A lovely day in a lovely place.

  5. Lovely pictures, Marijke!
    What a beautiful weddingdress and I love the pink shoes!
    Thank you for sharing ,


  6. You are never boring.

    Congratulations to the young couple, your description of them is so sweet! I agree with the comments above that there is still celebrations of love and happiness.

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