Places to Sit and Knit 1

Hello! Today, I’m taking you along for a short walk, to a lovely place to sit and knit.

The bench in the photo above is about a mile from our home, a 20-minute walk. It is around the bend of a sandy path.

At first glance the view from the bench is underwhelming.

But the better you get to know the spot, the more you start to appreciate it. We cannot enter it, not just because it is a protected nature reserve…

… but also because it is a bog and we’d have a hard time keeping our feet (and the rest of ourselves) dry.

But we can walk around it.

We can say hello to some of the inhabitants. Hello big green frog!

Dragonflies are whirring through the air or sunning themselves.

At first glance, the vegetation is unspectacular, too. But again, the better you look, the more you see.

Our native blueberries, billberries, are much smaller than the ones in the shop. They are easily overlooked, but kneeling down and looking between the leaves you can see that they are ripe.

Another thing that is easily overlooked is the sundew. It is a teeny tiny carnivorous plant, with round leaves of only a few millimetres across.

Looked at from very close up, it is beautiful, with its glistening, sticky and treacherous (to insects) drops.

Strolling around here, taking photographs and enjoying the quiet, I suddenly had the idea of doing a series about ‘Places to Sit and Knit’. I thought we could virtually sit here, and in some other lovely places, together, look around and chat about our knitting a bit.

Of course, a blog is always mainly one-way traffic, but I am really interested in what is on your needles or hooks. Do leave a comment telling me about it, if you feel like it. Mention the name of a pattern or yarn and I may know what it looks like, or I’ll look it up on Ravelry or elsewhere. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving comments on blogs, that’s fine, too.

Today, I don’t have a lot of knitting to show you, though. There are the beginnings of a small object from sock yarn remnants that doesn’t look like much yet:

Some swatches for a new shawl design I’m working on:

And a December gift for someone who’ll probably be reading this that I want to keep a surprise:

And I’m not entirely sure this will really become a series either. Maybe the idea will fall by the wayside, or maybe not. Anyway, I think it’s a nice idea and I’ll try to keep it in mind.

Well, let’s head back home, past the house with the prettiest front door for miles around…

… and through a ferny, sun-dappled (at least today) part of the wood.

As of tomorrow, I have planned two weeks off. My husband prefers to keep working through the summer, albeit at a more leasurely pace, but I really need some time to just sit and knit. Apart from not setting the alarm clock and not doing work of any kind, I haven’t planned anything. The plan is to have no plan. That also goes for my blog. I may pop in if there is something to write about and I feel like sharing it, but I’m not sure.

I hope that you’ll also have some unplanned time this summer. To just sit and knit. Or to read, go for walks, maybe even travel a bit, or do nothing. Whatever you are planning (or not planning) to do, I wish you a lovely time!

8 thoughts on “Places to Sit and Knit 1”

  1. Unplanned summer is the best! I also like to share places where we sit and knit (or walk and view nature . . .) Luckily, several groups that I belong to on Ravelry do the same. Virtual travel is especially welcome right now. Thanks for these beautiful views – sundews in the wild, wow!

    • Thanks for travelling all the way across the atlantic ocean for a visit! Travel is so fast and easy nowadays, isn’t it? (At least in this way.) Sundew is a rare plant here, and I always feel a thrill when I see some.

  2. What a nice idea!

    I am knitting Siw, a top with lace patterned sleeves. The yarn is a Swedish linen, Järbo lin. I made myself an indigo blue Siw last summer and was so happy with it I decided I need a purple one as well.

    (Siw is a quite original way of spelling the Nordic name Siv or Sif, by the way. She was the wife of Thor in Norse mythology.)

    • Looked Siw up on Ravelry – it’s a lovely, summery top! I’d like to make one myself and have added it to my faves. I have some linen in my stash, but think it is thinner. Will go and hunt for it. Nice to know a little about the background of the name, too. Thanks!

  3. I just found your blog and I love it. I also love the pictures of your outside views!
    I have been knitting since I was a teenager. I’m now a senior citizen. My children are all grown and now it is just my husband, cat and two puppies here at home. Since covid is still active and many activities are not available or safe, we spend a lot of time at home. I am filling my time with crochet projects and knitting projects.

    • Hello, and welcome to my blog. The more the merrier! So you have many years of knitting experience, just like me. It’s great to have hobbies like knitting and crochet in a time like this. It keeps me sane, at least. Thank you for your kind words.

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