Floored by Flu

Just popping in here to say hello and to tell you that I’ve been floored by flu. I didn’t want to just go off the radar for weeks on end. I’m on the mend and back to some knitting, but not up to much else yet. I hope you are healthy and well, and hope to be back with a real blog post next week. Bye for now!

11 thoughts on “Floored by Flu”

  1. He, wat naar Marijke.
    Ik wens je beterschap, dat je gauw weer de dingen kunt doen die je graag wilt doen.
    Lieve groet,

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. We had it here in December…everyone in my family got it and it is miserable. If you’re knitting, though, I know that means you’re on the mend. Drink lots of tea and soup and continue to rest and feel better SOOOON.

  3. Dear Marijke –

    Glad to hear you are on the mend after your bout with the flu and hope you are feeling 100% better soon. Hoping some tea, some knitting, and the hopeful sign of spring blooms will bring you through to the homestretch.

    Love the snowdrops and the frosty “lemon drops!”

    Be well,
    Lynn (jrlva)

  4. Oh, what bad luck! It’s good to hear that you’re recovering now. “Back to knitting” does sound promising!

  5. Good of you to write. Just recovering myself here in Canada. Nasty bug. But agree, if we’re knitting, we’re improving. Take it slow and easy.

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