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Drawing up my knitting wish list for 2023, I forgot one thing. There is lots of interest in it: Norwegian knitting, design projects, challenging socks etc. What I didn’t think of at the time was that I also need something simple alongside.

At the moment a pair of simple socks in a plain, solid navy blue is fulfilling this role. The only interesting thing about them is that they’re from a yarn I’ve never used before – Lamana ‘Merida’.

When these are finished I’d like to start on a simple wrap/scarf/stole again. Something endlessly rhythmic and soothing. Something like this huge stole in a wide knit-and-purl rib I knit several years ago (blog post here):

Something like this only slightly smaller Striped Linen Stitch Wrap I’ve enjoyed knitting so much (blogged about here):

In short, I am looking for something utterly simple – no shaping, no seaming, no complicated stitch patterns – that will take a long time to knit. But what? I thought a visit to my nearest serious yarn shop might help me find the answer. It is in the Frisian town of Joure, a 20-minute drive from our home.

Joure isn’t the first place that would come to mind if people from elsewhere were to ask me what to visit in this region. It is just a nice, ordinary town, but it does have a few lovely spots and buildings as well as an interesting-looking museum (that I have yet to visit).

Joure also has a lively shopping street, although it struck me this time that here, too, as in so many other towns there are quite a few empty shops. Brick-and-mortar shops seem to be struggling everywhere. Strolling through the town centre is still very enjoyable, though.

And here we are at the yarn shop – Ajoure. There is a spinning wheel and some unspun and undyed wool in the window.

And inside there are walls, tables, cupboards, boxes and baskets filled with yarn, yarn, yarn and more yarn.

Many beautiful and expensive yarns, and also many more ordinary and affordable ones. And yet I don’t find what I am looking for. Not the shop’s fault – it’s just me being vague and indecisive. I don’t consider my visit fruitless, though. I’ve seen several yarns I’ll keep in mind for future projects, just spending some time in Joure was lovely, and I also picked up a leaflet telling me that the fabulous wool and sheep festival Joure onder de wol will be held again this year, on Saturday May 13th. If you don’t live too far away, that’s really something to look forward to.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking for something simple to knit. Bye for now and hope to see you again soon!

PS. And what about the people at the top of this post? Why are they standing there in the middle of Joure’s shopping street, gazing up at the sky? Are they looking for inspiration, too? Well, actually they are not gazing up at the sky, but at this:

The recently restored church steeple from 1628.

6 thoughts on “Looking for Something Simple”

  1. The statues are delightful! What optimism (at least to my eye).

    It looks like you had a fun day in Ajoure. If there’s a yarn store, you’re almost guaranteed a good time, huh? There are no yarn stores anywhere near me within less than a two-hour drive. Sad, huh?

    I love simple knitting. I have been debating making a blanket…maybe even a temperature blanket (but not a bright one, I’m thinking all beiges and greys), or maybe a stash-busting thing like garter squish (is that what they call it?). Anyway, just something mindless that can get stuffed in a basket until it’s done.

    I hope you find yours! (You’ve made some super examples!!)

    • I feel lucky to have several yarn shops within an hour’s drive. Two hours is doable, but not something you’d go to just for one skein. There are great online shops, too, but it’s so hard to get a good idea of the yarn colours, don’t you think? A blanket could be a great simple project, too, with lots of yardage to keep your hands occupied for a long time.

      • I’ve started a shawl (Ferny Corner by Emma Robinson), and it is indeed a wonderful project. I recently spent several hours on a trip with my husband and son, so made great progress on it. When it’s done, I think a BIIIIG blanket might be next.

        • I didn’t know Ferny Corner and took a look. Such a nice and cosy shawl, with lots of relaxing garter stitch. The fern lace border is a lovely touch. The projects on Ravelry all look very different, depending on the colours and yarns chosen. Have fun knitting it. A blanket will be a great next project, but perhaps not during the summer months?

  2. I love all the pictures. I love the yarn shop. I want to go to the wool and sheep festival, but I am too far away. I hope that you are going and are going to take lots of pictures for us so that we can via your pictures. Good luck with your yarn search.

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