In need of a little more lightness in my life, I’m abandoning all other knitting projects for the time being and starting a Featherweight Cardigan. I’ll come back to the nearly-or-half-finished warm and woolly things when the weather gets cooler in September.

I could have ordered the yarn online, but it’s always so hard to judge the colours on a computer screen. Besides, visiting a real brick-and-mortar (or in this case wood-and-glass) yarn shop is much more fun. Pink was what I wanted, but which pink?

Seeing them IRL I knew it straightaway – the palest shade top right.

I try not to buy yarn on a whim anymore, planning carefully what I want to make, what yarn will be most suitable, and how much I’ll need. But in spite of my best intentions, this naughty skein of sock yarn hopped into my shopping bag.

So irresistibly cheerful! I’m thinking of a pair of socks a little (or a lot) more intricate than my usual simple ones. Cables, perhaps, or a twisted stitch pattern, or… I don’t know. Suggestions welcome!

On the way back I stopped off at the village with the onion-shaped church steeple (I wrote about the legend behind it here.)

It’s always nice to take a stroll along the lanes. There are so many lovely spots…

… and beautiful houses.

In the past, the village was surrounded by essen – fertile, raised arable fields with a domed shape resulting from spreading many layers of manure and grass sods on them throughout the centuries. Housing estates have been built upon the essen, but in a place where a school was demolished there is now a small cornfield again.

This small, flower-filled cornfield won’t feed the world, but it does feed many birds, bees and butterflies.

Because by this time I couldn’t stop yawning, I did something I rarely do and treated myself to a cup of cappuccino before going home.

Ahhh, that did me a power of good – not just the cappuccino, but the entire little outing. Thank you for coming along. I really appreciate your company!

7 thoughts on “Lightness”

    • The yarn is Wolverhalen ‘Enkeltje sok twist’ (100 g/425 m). Thank you for your pattern suggestions. I like them both and have added them to my Ravelry faves. I noticed that one of them is toe up and the other pair is cuff down. I do not own the book. The patterns are available separately, too, but for the price of 3 separate patterns, I can also have the entire book in the paperback version. Hmmm, tempting… Translating it must have been a LOT of work, but a beautiful book to work on.

      • It was a lot of work, and the book wasn’t always very consistent, which is hardly a surprise with 52 different designers, but I loved it. And I just like big projects to sink my teeth in.

  1. That did me good too! Lovely walk through the village, and I am sipping my morning coffee. Peaceful. ?

    • It’s fun that we can exchange virtual visits. I’ve just been looking out through your window at your summer island, and having a virtual nap on your lovely sofa. I have another friend, also a great knitter, who never knits socks either. Perhaps some people are born sock knitters, while others are not ;).

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